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Market Development Specialist


Responsible for developing a particular market segment for a company. Promotes products and services to potential and existing customers.



• Assist with developing the market for client or company.

• Focus on growing existing accounts and acquiring new clients.

• Conduct meetings.

• Make sales presentations.

• Sell general or direct response print ads to a weekly or monthly publication.

• Generate and describe creative, results-focused marketing concepts to a diverse client base.

• Sell air time on television and radio programs.

• Handle incoming inquiries to buy ad space.

• Book sales appointments.

• Walk door-to-door and solicit business.

• Present sample ads to the client.

• Assess client's promotional needs.

• Evaluate demographics, prices, distribution channels, and marketing outlets.

• Develop sales strategies in tandem with marketing department.

• Meet with clients to ascertain marketing goals.

• Create questionnaires and surveys.

• Conduct secondary research, including finding information from industry associations, statisticians and marketing experts.

• Generate reports that analyze competition and customers.

• Offer insights about product potentials.

• Be familiar with advanced statistical analysis and research methodologies, along with common computer programs.


• Graduate of a four-year course

• English language skills required

• Excellent listening and speaking skills

• Ability to travel extensively in the assigned area

• Ability to conduct physical work

• Outstanding customer service etiquette

Service Engineer


Ensure that the company’s customers are satisfied with its products and services.



• Direct and coordinate quality assurance, testing, or maintenance in industrial plants.

• Write performance reviews and solve internal issues.

• Make detailed plans to accomplish goals.

• Analyze market demand and available resources.

• Check technical accuracy of work.

• Establish administrative policies, procedures, and standards.

• Coordinate activities of unit with other units or organizations.

• Confer with higher levels of management.


• Graduate of bachelor's degree in engineering

• Familiar with a variety of the field's concepts, practices, and procedures.