From its humble beginnings, Murex Diagnostic Products Specialists started its general operations in July of 1998, as a business trading enterprise in partnership with different distributors in the country, located at San Nicolas, Pangasinan, in the northern part of the Philippines.

Since its inception, Murex grew as a reputable distributor and supplier, carrying a complete line of diagnostic and laboratory supplies; they've established a good reputation in the medical community, diagnostic laboratories, and among top medical practitioners in every specialty field.

With these, Murex became well known not only in the province of Pangasinan, but with the rest of the other provinces and regions of Luzon.

In December 8, 2005, Murex decided to establish its first branch right in the heart of the Philippine Business District of Quezon City.

Due to the changing demands of the diagnostic market to cater and deliver up-to-date equipment and supplies to the rural areas, the Murex distribution span managed to reach other areas of the Visayas and Mindanao regions. It has appointed several sub-dealers nationwide to carry and handle the sales and promotion of Murex exclusive product lines. With this strategy, Murex is duty-bound to expand and establish exclusive Murex branches in Visayas and Mindanao, to be of service to all their appointed sub-dealers in these areas.

Murex's passion to serve and deliver vital Laboratory and Diagnostic supplies has earned them the respect and distinction of all stakeholders. They brought in a new dimension in the distribution system, treating their customers especially in the far-flung areas of every region of the Philippines as reliable business partners. With these initiatives, their support among end-users has steadily grown since then.

At present, Murex continuously strives to update and improve its facilities by constantly upgrading itself to become as modern as it can,to improve its distribution services at a national level. Aside from the two separate warehouses strategically located in its main office in San Nicolas, Pangasinan, and the other one located in its Quezon City office, its latest addition to these facilities is the allocation of a specific area for cold storage facility for its cold chain management initiatives.

The cold storage facilities can stack many products, allowing storage of up to a ton for specific products that need to undergo refrigeration 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It is constantly monitored by their detailed warehouse personnel; and in cases where a sudden power failure occurs, a standby power generator is on hand to provide electrical supply to power up the refrigerators.

Aside from these, the logistical capability of Murex in the delivery of products is supported not only by their company vehicles and transporters, but also by a reliable logistics provider they've partnered with, to support deliveries to sub- dealers in the Visayas and Mindanao areas.


As we embody our supreme passion to contribute abundantly to the health and welfare of all stakeholders, we are committed to provide through the effective distribution of best quality and affordable medical laboratory and diagnostic products, as our prime resource available to all.

We are also dedicated to enhance customer satisfaction, and serve them with full trust and integrity, value for value, without breaking the supply chain.

We also believe in our people as our greatest asset, to faithfully develop their skills, abilities and constantly give them our highest regard, as they too, carry with them the same passion we always have.


To become the frontrunner distributor in providing innovative biotechnological, laboratory and diagnostics products and devices used in providing and assisting the medical community, in giving the best and aiding them to give the best medical attention.

To also become the first preferential choice of the Medical Community in bringing about up-to-date medical technology right at their fingertips.